Israeli Legal Aid organization brings complaint against police brutality in incident in Judean hills

Despite the discriminatory anti-Jewish policy on display, a historic moment was glimpsed in the tragic destruction.

Is a much-touted peace plan simply a deadly reworking of the discredited two-state doctrine while calling for demolition of Jewish communities?

Vlogger activist gives a heartfelt message from Netiv Ha'avot, where 17 homes are slated for "wanton destruction."

Are the defense minister's new orders to destroy homes of terrorists who wound an apt solution, or haphazard tactical machoism?

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...הָרִימִי בַכֹּחַ קוֹלֵךְ מְבַשֶּׂרֶת יְרוּשָׁלִָם הָרִימִי אַל תִּירָאִי אִמְרִי לְעָרֵי יְהוּדָה הִנֵּה אֱלֹקֵיכֶם! (ישעיה  מ:ט)

...Raise your voice with strength, herald of Jerusalem; raise it, do not be afraid; say to the cities of Judah, "Here is your G-d!"

(Isaiah 40:9)

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