Opinion: Can Terror be Stopped? Of Course It Can!

Illustration: Border police at Lion's Gate of Temple Mount (Image credit: Mark Neyman/Government Press Office of Israel)

Illustration: Border police at Lion's Gate of Temple Mount (Image credit: Mark Neyman/Government Press Office of Israel)

Israel has daily terror attacks. Another funeral, another shiva (period of mourning), another day.... We have a fifth column living among us, be they called Israeli Arabs or Arabs from Judea and Samaria or Muslims. They are enemies within. We have a war inside Israel and the government does not acknowledge this. They also do not acknowledge that with each war waged with Arabs outside of Israel, the Arab hope was to wipe out Israel; Israel won and the Arab nations lost.

On Friday, the Temple Mount had a violent terror attack during which two police officers were murdered and people hurt. Anyone with eyes and a brain could have seen this coming. The Temple Mount police check Jews carefully to be sure they don't carry a prayer book, watch their lips to see that "Shema" is not uttered, watch their body movements to be sure that they don't bow down to Hashem.

As for the Arabs, it now appears that this latest attack was committed with the help of the Jordanian Waqf, which controls the Mount, and therefore should have known about the attack and the hidden weapons. Why wait for an attack to take place to search the place? How thoroughly do the same police who search the Jews search the Arab men when there is a large crowd going up? No search of the Arab women under those long dresses where they can hide weapons? So much laxity when it comes to Arabs.

The government’s reaction was to get everyone off the Temple Mount and close it for Arabs and Jews. Why Jews? Two days after the attack, the Temple Mount will be open again for the Arabs. Is this their punishment? The world must be laughing at us. Any normal country, a country with pride, would close the Temple Mount to all Arabs, take control of it, and tell Jordan, "Sorry, our mistake to give you control in the first place."

Easy? No it is not, but it is necessary. And yes, the Arabs, the fifth column inside Israel, will riot. Well, we do have an army. Yet they are often instructed NOT to shoot. All they need is for the Defense Minister and Prime Minister to say, "Do whatever you have to in order to stop the riots and clean up the place."

And what to do about those Arabs who do not have the ability to riot and only applaud the ones that do? Does Israel force them out? Should they be free to run to the borders and over; should they be transported there? One of their 22 Arab countries could take them in knowing that they are warriors and can help them in the wars in their countries. So, wouldn't everyone be happy? Israel would be free of its enemies and Arab countries would have more warriors.

The world will scream. Well, when don't they condemn Israel? The UN will pass more resolutions against Israel. So what? Easy, it will not be. We need strong leaders who don't fear the world, but instead fear G-d, and hurt deeply when each Jew is killed and laid to rest with his family completely destroyed.

If this is not done, not only will there be no peace, but there will be more and more terror attacks, more and more Jews being killed, more and more shivas, and more and more families destroyed. In the words of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir when he walked out of the Madrid Peace Conference, "The Arab is the same Arab and the sea is the same sea."

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