An Unintended Cost of Caving in: Awakening the Lemmings

Illustration: Israel releases terrorists (Image credit: Mark Neyman/Government Press Office of Israel)

We caved - again - and it will cost us.

One needs not be an expert in anything to understand that the "good guys" just made a big mistake by removing the security measures from the Temple Mount.

When we caved with repeated mass terrorist releases, it cost us and is still costing us. When we caved by fleeing from south Lebanon, abandoning our allies there, it cost us and is still costing us. When we caved by expelling thousands of our best Jews from their homes in Gaza, it cost us and it still costs us. When we caved by bringing Yasser Arafat to our land with full honors from his place of exile in Tunisia and armed him, it cost us and is still costing us.

And we do not learn. They kill us and they complain and they threaten. And we apologize. This is something out of 1984. Remember the social science fiction book that actually predicted the doublespeak we are hypnotized by today? I can't imagine today's situation appearing in the wildest work of fiction.

Ours, however, is a reality that people will look back on years from now in a similar way that we look at the actions of the West vis-a-vis Hitler in the 1930's. How were they so blind? Their most respected leaders were so wrong!

Arabs kill three policemen with guns that were smuggled into the Temple Mount. Israel decides (finally) to place metal detectors. In reaction, Arabs violently riot in areas of Jerusalem. The government and police declare that the detectors will stay. The Arabs keep rioting and pledge that they will not return to the Temple Mount until the detectors are removed.

In Jordan, a terrorist attacks an Israeli security man from the Israeli embassy. The attacker is killed, as is a bystander by accident. The security man and the rest of the embassy staff take refuge in the embassy as the Jordanians try to hold them against their will. A diplomatic crisis grows.

The personnel are released and the detectors are removed.

Meanwhile, the three Arab-Israeli citizens who killed the two policemen are given a hero's funeral in their home town of Umm Al-Fahm. Tens of thousands turn out with PLO flags and all see their heroes off to meet their 72 virgins.

For them, the "Nakba," the War for Independence of 1948, never ended. They bide their time and wait for a sign of weakness. They do not have to look too far and the results are immediate. Just think of Jaffa this week and its masses of Arab-Israelis who rioted to the accompanying "Allah Hu Akbar" melody. In Jerusalem, equal numbers of Arabs celebrate through the night with the same flags, blood-curdling slogans, and hysteria over the removal of all security measures on the Mount.

Yes, they won again. As they have always said, they have patience. They expelled the Crusaders after 90 years of occupation. In just a few years, our time will come. This is going to get worse before it gets better, and we can only blame ourselves (or our leaders) for it.

We should not ever point a finger at any foreign government or leader for our situation. We did it all.

I still hold some hope. First, even our lemming-like population, brainwashed for so long that the only way out of this "situation" is to give in, is waking up. Polls show that three quarters think that giving in this time was wrong.

Even higher numbers support Elor Azariya, the soldier who killed the wounded terrorist and is now going to jail for it. The vast majority just do not go along with the doublespeak anymore. Research has indicated that around 80% of the public supports him and the very "unenlightened" view that "when one comes to kill you, kill him first." Period. There are no subsections concerning the condition of the killer. His fate is sealed as soon as he tries to kill a Jew. Simple, logical and unsophisticated. This is the feeling of the majority, but not yet the view of the ruling elites.

I believe that the Arabs’ feeling of success will push Jewish public opinion further in the direction of the latest poll, which will push the politicians, who care about these things. The Arabs have always lost because they made more mistakes than we have. I think they are on the verge of making some big ones and that, despite ourselves, as has happened so often in the past, we will win.

Far more importantly, G-d brought us home from the four corners of the world with miracles not seen since the Exodus from Egypt. He has stuff up His sleeve.

The pain is not yet over. We have yet to pay for our stupidity.

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...הָרִימִי בַכֹּחַ קוֹלֵךְ מְבַשֶּׂרֶת יְרוּשָׁלִָם הָרִימִי אַל תִּירָאִי אִמְרִי לְעָרֵי יְהוּדָה הִנֵּה אֱלֹקֵיכֶם! (ישעיה  מ:ט)

...Raise your voice with strength, herald of Jerusalem; raise it, do not be afraid; say to the cities of Judah, "Here is your G-d!"

(Isaiah 40:9)

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