Weather: Hot Dog - Slightly Cooler This Week!

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Our Prime Minister may feel that these are indeed the "Dog Days of Summer," but weather wise most dogs will be happy with next week's weather. True, it will be on the hot side, but at least it should be in the low 30’s C/90’s F, not mid 30’s C /90’s F. The nights will be cool, as winds blow gently around low pressure over the eastern Mediterranean. These are perfect sleeping days -- if you are a dog -- and even better sleeping nights.

It turns out that the phrase "Dog Days of Summer" refers to days during the period that Sirius, the Dog Star, rises at the same time as the sun. This often happens during the hottest days of summer (July 3rd to August 11). While I didn't know this, this was thought to be a bad omen, a time of fever and catastrophe. What's the best thing to do during a time like this? It's to lie low, which is exactly what dogs do (when they are not doing something else).

Fortunately for us (and the dogs), the weather this coming week will encourage rather than discourage activity, and will be a nice week for those taking vacations or just getting outside.

The following forecast is specific to Jerusalem. View the complete forecast with details by clicking here.


Reprinted with permission of the author. His complete forecast can be found at Weather-It-Is-Israel.

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