Weather: Evenings will be Cooler but the Tweets are Heating Up

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It's 23 C (low 70s F), with 77% humidity, and northwesterly breezes. As my son said: it's nice outside!

I didn't argue with him.

Unfortunately, low pressure will build from the south and winds will switch from the west to east, which means that the heat will return, especially at the end of week (and Shabbat). Temperatures should be quite hot in the mountain areas (mid 30s; low to mid 90s F) and reach 40 C (104 F) or above in the Dead Sea and Jordan Valleys. Down south temperatures will also reach above 40 C.

Along the coast, temperatures will be cooler than inland areas, but the humidity will be higher.

In summary, while Tuesday and Wednesday will still stay cool, the heat will rise significantly on Thursday and Friday, before fading early next week.

One person who seems to have also lost his cool is the President of the United States (POTUS). I've been following what happened and it seems that POTUS spends his time either defending the indefensible or criticizing those who disagree with him. Moreover, he tweets incessantly, but he doesn't sing like a bird.

After watching POTUS's latest press conference (on Charlottesville), I have to agree with him -- in part: the "alt-left" can also be violent (and it, and at least some of the regular "left" is anti semitic).

Yet, it is interesting to note that various disparate groups (including mobsters) banded together to (literally) fight the Nazi parties that grew in the United States prior to WWII. When making decisions and in understanding history, context is everything.

Complete weather details can be found here.


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