The Jerusalem Herald Launches Conference Coverage: The Jordan Option

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The Jerusalem Herald announces the launch of our coverage of the upcoming The Jordan Option: The Only Road to Peace conference, which aims to shape public discourse by offering fresh options for peace and stability for Israel and its Arab neighbors.

Mudar Zahran, an exiled Jordanian who is the Secretary General of the Jordan Opposition Coalition, is a key speaker at the conference, which is sponsored by The International Jewish-Muslim Dialogue Center (IJMDC) to be held at the Menachem Begin Center in Jerusalem on October 17. Tickets can be reserved here.

The IJMDC’s plan, which lies at the heart of the conference, is in itself a game-changer: It involves replacing the Saudi Hashemite monarchy in Jordan with a secular democracy to which “Palestinians” living in Judea and Samaria will be encouraged to move. This would occur in parallel with Israel's annexation of those regions. In Jordan, "Palestinians" would be provided with land, basic human and civil rights, education, jobs and economic security, according to the plan.

In covering the conference, The Jerusalem Herald will be running a variety of stories – we have already started by reporting on King Abdullah II’s response to his invitation to the conference, and the Jordanian press’s coverage of it as an “Israeli coup attempt.”

Our coverage will range from the IJMDC’s unique plan to reform Jordan and incentivize a population transfer to interviews with the noted experts participating in the event.

The Jerusalem Herald has decided to cover this event given that it provides an opportunity to discuss alternative peace and stability options – options that have been ignored by the Israeli political and media elite and by Israel’s opponents.

Our objective is to provide a stimulus to the stagnant public dialogue, proposing a new avenue of thought beyond the failed concept of Israeli concessions in their various forms.

It is our hope that the concept of a Palestinian Arab national political entity – if one is to be established – outside of the Land of Israel will gain traction, and thereby strengthen Israel in terms of security and identity, while hopefully leading the Jewish state and its Arab residents out of their current quagmire.

Stay tuned for updates that may foretell a major shift in the regional paradigm.

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