Bibi's 'Miraculous Israel' at the UN is Gaining Traction at Home

Binyamin Netanyahu at the UN (Image credit: Kobi Gideon/Government Press Office of Israel)

As I contemplate the end of this year and the beginning of a new one, I am listening to the speech of Israel's prime minister at the UN.

He is speaking about the unique and unprecedented experience that is the little Jewish state: how Israel is a beacon to the world; how we are the ‘startup nation’; how we help so many nations and people. He has made this impressive speech a number of times and not much has changed in its wake, though it is always nice to hear.

It is possible that this year things will be different as a number of things are happening. First, increasing numbers of Jews are being released from the black magical grip of the Oslo syndrome. One no longer hears the dangerous, perfidious mantras like "Land for peace" or "One makes peace with one's enemies" or “Borders are not important when you have peace." Such Newspeak no longer causes Jews here to question their own sanity.

I am encouraged by this precipitate change in public opinion. The Left can no longer hope to form a coalition - even with the Israeli Arabs as partners.

I am also encouraged by the rapid growth of the Jewish pioneers in Judea and Samaria. They have proven -- and continue to prove daily -- that the" how" is not an obstacle if the "why" is clear. It is indeed clear to them and so they (and therefore, we) have won. There is no turning back the clock. They have done it, despite thousands of terror victims, government expulsions, and continuous harassment, much of it funded by powerful evil sources the world over. These special people will lead our beloved country soon because they are the ones who care the most.

Never have there been so many Jews living in the Land of Israel. Never has there been so much Torah being studied. Never has Israel been stronger militarily. Never has there been such an agricultural innovator. The same is true with a long list of endeavors.

I personally do not need our prime minister's eloquent illustrations to know that I live and breathe miracles daily and hourly. I thank G-d as I am acutely aware of my good fortune in making this living prophecy my home and the home of my children and grandchildren.

Yet it is amazing how some Jewish people refuse to see what is miraculously transpiring and insist that this is not the Hand of G-d. Anything but that. Some just can not hide their disdain for the Jewish renaissance in our Land. I don't know why.

They are the ones who work so hard for the rights of tens of thousands of illegal African Muslim infiltrators to stay here and multiply. They are inured to the suffering of the Jewish populations in poor neighborhoods who are plagued by this foreign invasion.

They are the ones who insist that thousands of non-Israeli Arabs may "reunify" with Israeli Arabs in Israel. These are the ones who gather to grant prizes to each other for producing the film or play that best undermines the Israeli army before the world. This, they insist, is true Judaism.

Some on the Left dream of another Manhattan here; they do anything that will dilute and obfuscate the Jewish nature of Israel. They pursue these goals in the name of some higher moral level which they insist is authentic Judaism.

These same "authentic Jews" cheer the creation of Judenrein areas where thousands of Jews are brutally expelled from their homes, turning the Land over to Arabs because (they say) this will help guarantee a Jewish majority.

To be fair, just as I do not understand their notion of Judaism so too do I not understand what is authentically Jewish about hanging a Jewish soldier in effigy in Mea Shearim, the ultra religious neighborhood of Jerusalem. Some of these “authentic Jews” dream of Anatevka with the Czar and all. Ah, those were the days! Every Jew and their Jewish dream! There, I have made some more people upset…

Barring an unexpected gift from the Almighty, the coming year may not be the end to all our problems but I am encouraged that we are going in the right direction. Just look back and see from where we have come. It simply makes one dizzy.

And the best is surely yet to come. Shana tova!

Shalom Pollack, veteran licensed tour guide, is the director of Shalom Pollack Tours: Personalized Tours in Israel.

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...Raise your voice with strength, herald of Jerusalem; raise it, do not be afraid; say to the cities of Judah, "Here is your G-d!"

(Isaiah 40:9)

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