Weather: Praying for Rain Brings Sprinkles

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People's wardrobes are changing over and the weather is to blame. We even had our first rain last Monday (October 9th). I measured 0.12 inches (or about 3 mm of rain). Since then, the weather has been on the chilly side with temperatures in the mid teens and highs in the low to mid 20s (except in the desert areas, which were closer to 30 C). Last fall, the weather was punctuated by bouts of heat and winds that brought plenty of dust. This fall, the winds are generally from the west and northwest. Instead of dust, we've had more clouds and our first rain.

Moreover, the weather maps show a storm arriving early in the week, which should move southeasterly past Cyprus Sunday and then through our area on Monday into Tuesday night. The humidity maps show plenty of moisture to bring a period of showers from the north to the central areas, as we move from late Sunday night into Monday afternoon. Tuesday should warm up as winds behind the storm switch to the south. The warmer temperatures should persist until the end of the week, and the skies should turn a bit dusty as well. However, we see another storm possibly approaching on Shabbat or early next week, and fall weather should return as well.

Jerusalem forecast (click for other forecasts):

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Despite the chill and the rain last Monday, there was plenty of time to sit in the sukka and exchange pleasantries. The relaxed atmosphere was also conducive to having those heart to heart conversations people sometimes have.

Before continuing, I interrupt to mention that when I met my wife for the first time I came prepared with a list of what I considered positive attributes -- selling points we could call them. In addition to having taken time off from my postdoctoral work to learn in yeshiva, I mentioned (I actually read them off the palm of my hand) that I knew how to add numbers in my head, sweep the floor, paint, and cook.

Now back to our story: so, my wife says to me that she actually believed the stuff on the list, but didn't really think that the last item had any actionable quality to it. In other words, she thought that she might see me outside the kitchen from time to time, but never close-up where it really matters.

Anyway, she now tells me that she is considering getting a second kitchen for Passover. I didn't think very much of it, but it turns out that the only place we can put the second kitchen is far away from the first, and I wondered how many second kitchens in homes are really meant for husbands who thought they could cook.

Fortunately, Passover is not around the corner, and I haven't been officially banished yet. I'll hope for the best. Enjoy the good weather!

Dr. Lynn is a lecturer at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Earth Sciences Department. He is also CEO of Weather It Is, LTD, a company that specializes in reducing weather risk.

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