Opinion: How a Non-State Joined Interpol

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Mazal tov -- the fake “Palestinians” have done it again!

Gradually they are being accepted by world bodies as a legitimate state, with Interpol being the latest forum to welcome them. And guess what? US President Donald Trump, known for his success in closing big property deals and committed to make the greatest one by convincing Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu (which doesn’t take much) to surrender the Jewish Land to our enemies, was “outfoxed” by Russia and China. The US delegation proposed five amendments to Interpol that effectively called for delayed consideration of any new members – including the erstwhile “State of Palestine” - into Interpol, and all five were rejected.

Have I missed something? Where is this “State of Palestine”; where is their country; and where is their people? It is true that there are Arabs in the Sovereign State of Israel erroneously referred to as “Palestinians,” but those “Palestinians” only received real backing as a “people” in 1964 as a political ploy by the Arab League to defeat Israel, because they were unable to defeat us militarily back then.

The ploy worked remarkably well; the military prowess of the Arab states has made so much progress under the watchful eye of this Israeli government that we are now spending billions of dollars trying to get up to speed, ready for the next war that will once again happen at the time of their choosing. The price we will pay will likely be high, perhaps higher even than previously.

But even this does not make them a people with a state - even though Netanyahu legitimized them in his Bar Ilan speech, accepting the terrorist in a suit Mahmoud Abbas as his peace partner. A “peace” partner that calls for our destruction. Well done, Netanyahu.

It is unfortunate that Trump, like Netanyahu and contrary to expectations that he would not fall for the fake Palestinian trap, fell hook, line, and sinker. The US was so sure at least some of their five amendments would pass, blocking new member states, that apparently pressure was applied on Kosovo not to proceed with their application, and they withdrew it. After the five amendments failed, Russia, China, and Serbia said they considered themselves freed of their previous commitment to block the Palestinian bid. It is not surprising, therefore, to read that Riyad Mansour, Permanent Observer of the “State of Palestine” to the UN, intends for the “Palestinians” to operate diplomatically as a state: ”We want to live in our national homeland and we have national rights.”

Due to our disgracefully weak and cowardly leadership, the fabricated homeland and national rights for “Palestinians,” which have been stolen from us, have become more legitimate than that of the more than 3,000-year-old Jewish People. To our everlasting shame, we have legitimized terrorists as a “people,” although they are only a figment of the Arab League’s imagination, and allowed them to once again show they are masters of their own fate.

We, the People of the Land, have been trounced and humiliated, revealing our unnecessary and dangerous reliance on America, which continues to prove it is not the powerhouse it once was, and which could be more of a liability than an asset in our part of the world. (The same goes for Netanyahu while he refuses to declare sovereignty over our Land and take back the Temple Mount.)

Our enemies must be finally disabused of the idea that they have “rights” to the Jewish Land; to any of our so-called friends that don’t like the idea, I say, “Tough – it’s our Land, not yours.”

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