Watch: "A Destruction of Unity of Epic Proportions"

Netiv Ha'avot (Image credit: YouTube screenshot)

With destruction looming over 17 homes in the town of Netiv Ha'avot, located southeast of Bethlehem in Judea, vlogger activist Ben Goldstein paid a visit to document the reality on the ground.

Goldstein highlighted the betrayal felt by the Jewish pioneers reclaiming the ancient Jewish homeland by filming the home of a man currently away on reserve military duty defending the state - even as the state advances plans to tear down his home and turn out his family.

But while the government may be poised to act against the residents on the orders of the Supreme Court, with the destruction to come no later than March 2018, the vlogger reported that thousands of Jews have come out to the town to show support and try to prevent the needless destruction.

"We are facing a destruction of unity of epic proportions," lamented Goldstein, adding that the planned demolition has no legal justification but rather is "politically based."

Indeed, only a few meters of six of the 17 homes were declared by the court to be on privately owned land, and the rest is on land that has already had its status legalized and been made state land. And yet the government is not declaring the remaining meters as state land as well, a move that could be accompanied by compensating the Arab claimants who were thrust forward by radical leftist groups suing on their behalf.

The Supreme Court's ruling to destroy the 17 houses completely even though only tiny slivers are on contested land, instead of ordering compensation as is standard practice, constitutes Israeli enforcement of Palestinian Authority law, as the PA executes “owners” who sell land to Jews - or in this case, who accept compensation for land.

Netiv Ha'avot joins a growing list of Jewish towns demolished under the watch of the self-professed "right-wing" Likud-Jewish Home-Yisrael Beytenu coalition government, which has previously wrought destruction on towns including Migron and Amona.

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