Clearing Weather Brings Insights Into Terrorism

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There's a moisture stream originating off the coast of Africa, flowing across the continent to the eastern Mediterranean. The result are some layered clouds, similar to the ones that I grew up with. These are similar to storm clouds that originated in the Gulf of Mexico, and often brought a steady rain or snow. However, it is only rare instances when the flow of moisture from the eastern Atlantic is sufficient to bring us any rain.

Instead, we'll have to wait for a small storm to tap the Atlantic moisture and Mediterranean moisture early in the week. The rain, being of tropical origin, may be locally heavy in south central and central areas. As the storm passes, temperatures should return to more chilly levels, especially on Tuesday.

Another weak storm will approach on Thursday, and temperatures after warming a bit on Wednesday will cool down again.

Looking further ahead, we see the likelihood that the beginning of December will be on the warm side of fall, rather than the cool side of winter. No heavy rain systems are yet in site.

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Also not in sight is any change in the mentality of our neighbors. The New York Times had an article "Who are the Sufi Muslims and why do extremists hate them?" It's a strange headline because the problem isn't the extremist’s hate of them; it's the fact that their solution to that hate is murder (mass murder).

A few weeks ago, the Israel Defense Forces uncovered a Gaza tunnel extending into Israeli territory. When they destroyed the tunnel, 12 Gazans (including senior commanders) died either directly or indirectly (trying to rescue others).

After the attack, various Gazan terrorist groups issued statements.

“This is a massacre,” said senior Islamic Jihad leader Khaled al-Batash. Another spokesman, Dawood Shehab said that "the Zionist terror government must realize that we will not hesitate to protect our people and our land,” and warned that their group reserved "the option of responding to this aggression.”

When you think about it, this is a very strange response. They built an attack tunnel into Israeli territory, and then accuse the Israeli military of aggression. How is the attack tunnel protecting their land?

It gets worse: Iran accused Israel of being "bloodthirsty." Even more strange: A senior Islamic leader blasted Israel's efforts to thwart the abduction of Israeli soldiers, while Qatar accused Israel of violating "Palestinian rights."

To understand the Palestinians terrorists, etc., one has to first understand the behavior of my pets. We have two cats. One forgets that it is not suppose to be on the table. The other remembers that it isn't suppose to be on the couch, and jumps off whenever it hears me on the stairs. However, there is no guilt or remorse, or embarrassment for getting caught. Our dog, in contrast, can't resist the bag of garbage that we've put out over night. However, when we're angry at her, she actually looks like she feels guilty.

When our “neighbors” get caught with their nose in the garbage, who do they blame? Us. Moreover, they express no guilt or embarrassment. They are like cats with no sense of right or wrong, but also like a dog that can't resist its nature to do wrong. They appear to have no moral compass.

Yet they do. When you study what they say, you realize that they really believe that it is their right to abduct soldiers, blow up buses (or mosques), and kill as many people as they can, and that we (or anyone else who disagrees with their beliefs) have no right to defend ourselves.

Their religion and/or their beliefs give them the "right" to do as they wish, and no one has the right (or even the right to their own lives) to stop them. It's not just that they kill without remorse, they truly believe that those they kill should make no effort to resist. How else can you explain such statements that Israel has violated the rights of the “Palestinian” people?

Dr. Lynn is a lecturer at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Earth Sciences Department. He is also CEO of Weather It Is, LTD, a company that specializes in reducing weather risk.

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