Iran’s Dominance and the Kurdish-Israeli Alliance

Kurdish Peshmerga forces (Image credit: Erfan.Kurdi (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)

The ideological state of Iran seeks to spread sectarian strife while maintaining quiet inside Iran. It’s strategy is twofold: to destroy Israel as the Jewish State, and to quash the Kurdish dream of establishing their own state. These two goals will remain until the end of Iran’s ideological Shi’ite religious state.

Iran is striving for strong dominance on the ground in Yemen near the Saudi border, with Iran-backed Houthis bombing the Gulf. In Iraq, it is fighting the Kurds via the Shi’ite Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) under the Iranian Quds Forces, and has occupied disputed areas in Kirkuk province after receiving a green light from the international coalition. This is after Saddam Hussein Arabicized the region during the Al-Anfal genocide, turning it into Saladin province in a war crime against the Kurdish people, and blowing up the homes of Kurds in Tuz Khurmatu, the central city of the district.

Iran wants the city to be free of Kurds and Sunnis and has given all snipers the go ahead there and in other areas in the Kurdistan region - as a result, Kurdish demonstrators have been killed by unidentified snipers.

Iran’s Fight Against the Kurds

Israel must understand why Iran fights the Kurds in all areas (Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Turkey): because the rights of the Kurdish people are the weakness of Iran and Turkey.

As is Iran’s nature, it is fighting through all means. In Eastern Kurdistan, Iran’s most dangerous weapon is drug trafficking in Kurdish Iran, which has made a bottle of beer cost more than drugs such as hashish or heroin; the drug dealers are reportedly Iranian intelligence members. It also appears to be spreading AIDS through the sex trade and trafficking in women in Kurdish Iran, again courtesy of its intelligence agency. It is taking advantage of natural phenomena such as earthquakes against the Kurds, and economically marginalizing them.

Iran aims to extend control to complete a Shi’ite Crescent that can reach Israel by land. Iran is attacking Israel through Hezbollah and Hamas, and in doing so it is tactically priming a world war in the Middle East by proxy. It has not launched open warfare, but rather it is using proxies against the Kurds and Israel such as PMF, Hezbollah, and Hamas, as well as terrorist organizations such as Ansar Al-Islam.

How Can Israel Help the Kurdish People?

Iran has long been fighting the oppressed Kurdish and Jewish people, and Israel must vigorously defend the Kurdish people in Syria, Iraq, Iran, and even in Turkey - for Iran and Turkey share the same view of the Jewish people. Israel should help, support, and encourage the world to arm the Kurdish liberation forces. In Iran and Turkey, the Kurds have no independence. In Syria and Iraq the situation is somewhat different than in Iran and Turkey, because there the Kurds have federal autonomy which has helped them connect to a state.

Why are the Kurds the best friends of the Jews? Those living under Kurdish autonomy - whether Muslim, Yazidi, Jewish, or other - are free to practice their rituals without punishment or sectarian obstacles. In the period of the establishment of the State of Israel, the only place where the Jews did not have their rights violated was under the Kurds; in central and southern Iraq, their beards were burned and their money was stolen.

The Kurds and Jews are different from all of the Muslim peoples in the region. Kurdish culture is based on the religion of Zardashti (Zoroastrianism) and love of nature, and the good Jews are not an enemy of the Kurdish people.

In light of the Turkish, Iranian, and Iraqi attempts to end the Kurdish federation, Israel is the only state in the United Nations General Assembly that is able to argue for the rights to establish the Kurdish state.

Mr Farman Hidait is an independent journalist currently based in Iraqi Kurdistan. A Kurdish writer, journalist, and poet, he currently lives and works in Kirkuk. He has worked for over 20 years in newspaper, TV, and radio, having begun his career at age 14 writing for a "children to children" newspaper run by Roj, the first newspaper in the history of the Kurdish press. Mr Hidait has written ten books, as well as articles on political and intellectual analysis. He holds a diploma in business administration and a degree in general psychology.

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