Ari Fuld and Oslo: A 25-Year-Old Dagger In The Back

Yossi Beilin and Mahmoud Abbas circa 1993 (Image credit: Pikiwiki Israel [CC BY 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons)

Two events took place on September 16; both were the kind we have gotten used to, especially since the Oslo Accords were signed a quarter of a century ago. One was the murder of yet another holy, beautiful Jew by an Arab terrorist; the other was a meeting between a group of Israeli "thinkers and intellectuals" and the PLO leadership in Ramallah. They made the trip to the terror incitement capital in order to keep the dialogue and communication channels open for “peace.” They apparently wanted to lift the spirits of their "peace partner” and encourage him to stay the path as the champion of peace, despite the warmongering, hate fanning, and other sins of the current evil Israeli government they so abhor. Twenty-five years ago before 2,000 Jews were murdered by Arabs, not to mention the 10,000 maimed for life, these same self-appointed emissaries and their mentors — particularly Shimon Peres — were certain that PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat was our ultimate and exclusive peace partner. All that was needed was to encourage, cajole, appease, bribe, and otherwise worship the arch-terrorist if the Jews were ever to be safe and prosperous in Israel, within whichever borders were agreed upon. Twenty-five years later, after a harrowing blood-drenched quarter of a century, the average Israeli has gotten over the initial hallucination fed to them by these know-it-alls. Today they find their best audience no longer in Israel but in Ramallah, where the mutual admiration society complains to one another about how misunderstood they are, and how things might have been different if it were not for the naysayers and others who just do not understand. Yossi Beilin, Peres' sidekick and a major architect and current stalwart of Oslo, was interviewed on the radio the following morning about his meeting with the Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas. He was asked if the PLO chairman condemned the butchering of Ari Fuld HY”D? Not exactly, but he did say that he was “against violence."

The Israeli journalists who interviewed Beilin did not think to ask him: "Well did you point out to Abbas that he names streets and schools after terrorists and supports their families very handsomely after they are apprehended by Israel for murder? Did you ask him why he refers to terrorists as martyrs? Or did you only go there to idolize a Holocaust denier?”

The journalists did not think to pose any of the above. Strange? Not really. Beilin gave the PLO leader a pass, and the journalists gave the Oslo engineer a pass. This is how the Oslo crime was launched and fed, and this is all they know. They all give each other passes while apparently thinking they are in a 25 year time warp. The journalists, courts, politicians, writers — the kind like Amos Oz that honor terrorists like mass murderer Marwan Barghouti by offering them their autographed books, playwrights, and other members of the "we know better" elite, may not know that they have lost their audience. They talk to each other with great enthusiasm and resolve, even as their hitherto spellbound audience is melting away. The Israeli public truly wanted to believe their sweet lies, and was even ready to consider Peres' repugnant cliche “sacrifice for peace" whenever Jews were increasingly murdered by our “peace partners.” The public was ready to believe that the religious ”settler” naysayers were messianic and dangerous to peace — that Jewish patriots were the problem while Arafat was the solution. Their intellectual leadership could be heard calling for the physical removal of these "obstacles to peace" from enlightened, peace loving Israeli society. Some even called for a civil war, another Altalena massacre to cleanse Israel of the fanatics who would hinder progress with our “peace partners.” Israelis are not buying that anymore. They are exhausted after a quarter of a century of blood and lies. However, the Oslo addicts are using every means to regain their position of power and influence in an Israel that will never again grant them that power through the ballot box. How bizarre and horrifying it is that at the same hour that the knife was plunged into the back of Ari Fuld — may G-d avenge his blood — the Oslo traitors were enjoying the company of the man who will welcome Ari's killer with a street named after him. The Oslo dagger was plunged into our collective back a quarter of a century ago by Beilin and his friends.

Only now are more waking up to the fact that it must be removed — may it be speedily in our time.

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