WEATHER: Cooling As Peace Process “Falls” Flat

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The weather during the holidays was hot. Interestingly, towards the end of the hot spell we had two days of temperatures in the mid-30s, but with very low humidity, which were followed by temperatures in the low 30s, but with extremely high humidity. Here in the mountains of Jerusalem, it felt like we were living in Tel-Aviv. One wonders what Tel-Avivians felt like.

Since then, winds have turned around and have been blowing predominantly from the northwest and temperatures have consistently been more fall-like than anything else. In fact, there are even periods of clouds to make one think that winter is around the corner.

The weather maps show streaks of moisture moving around low pressure over the Mediterranean. The situation should remain static for the next few days, but then cooler air moving southward will intensify this low pressure as we move into Shabbat and early next week.

This means the possibility of rain showers, most likely over northern areas. In the meantime, temperatures will remain fall-like, with temperatures in the mid-20s in many locations.

With another two persons murdered at the Barkan Industrial site, one wonders when this might all end? My mother-in-law mentioned that it's been the same for the last 70 years with no let up of the terrorism, and no change in the goals of our enemies to destroy the state of Israel.

In fact, there are even groups whose entire efforts are dedicated to preventing any type of coexistence between Palestinians and Israelis. It's obvious that Hamas in Gaza is still dedicated to our destruction, even at the expense of the residents of Gaza. The government in Ramallah — in contrast — tries to maintain a modicum of normalcy, but it supports and encourages terrorism among its citizens through education, religious indoctrination, and media.

In general, the media likes to blame our prime minister for the dire prospects for peace. One wonders if their memory is only as long as yesterday's news. For instance, in 1993, the Oslo accords were signed. Yet, a few days later "President" Arafat told his audience that this was just a stage — a temporary detour on the way to our destruction.

There are those who also blame the failure of the peace process on the 1995 assassination of Prime Minister Rabin. However, they forget that there were a number of bombings during his tenure and that of Prime Minister Peres. Moreover, Prime Minister Netanyahu reached two agreements to withdraw from various "Palestinian" cities.

Even more, when the Israeli public decided that the peace process was going too slowly, they elected Barak as prime minister. Under the auspices of U.S. President Bill Clinton, Barak offered Arafat a very good deal. Instead of accepting the deal, Arafat launched a war that left thousands dead. In 2008, then-Prime Minister Olmert offered Abbas the "Deal of the Century," but Abbas never responded.

When Netanyahu returned to head the government, he also enforced a year long building freeze — Abbas never accepted a meeting to talk peace.

So, the blame is clearly on the Palestinian leadership. They have no interest in any deal that leaves two states for two peoples.

Given the continued incitement in Palestinian media and continued payments to terrorists for murder, I admire Prime Minister Netanyahu for carefully fending off pressure from international bodies to give more land and/or control to the Palestinian Authority. While in the past we hoped for peace, we'd be fools to place our trust in the Palestinians again. The best we can do — as our Prime Minister knows — is to stop as many attacks as we can.

Jerusalem forecast (click here for updated national forecasts):

Image credit: The Jerusalem Herald

Dr. Lynn is a lecturer at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Earth Sciences Department. He is also CEO of Weather It Is, LTD, a company that specializes in reducing weather risk. Click here to read more of this author’s work in The Jerusalem Herald.

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