WATCH: Terror Victim’s Unpublished Songs Come to Life

Erez Levanon HY"D, Screenshot (Boomerang's Youtube Weekly Terror Report 02:04)

Activist group Boomerang - Fighting for Israel detailed a relatively “quiet” period of terror activity in its weekly report last week, which was created before the details surfaced of how 19-year-old Ori Ansbacher, HY”D, was brutally raped and murdered late last Thursday in Jerusalem. An Arab terror suspect from Hevron was arrested the following day. Details of the horrific terror attack remain under a gag order, and it has led to demonstrations and fervent calls on the government to respond with an iron fist.

In its report — which documented the 29 attacks last week not including the murder described above — Boomerang visited Dafna Levanon, the widow of musician Erez Levanon, HY”D, the victim of a dastardly ambush by Arab terrorists in 2007 while he was communing with G-d. Despite the many years that have passed since his murder, Levanon’s spirit is finding new expression in unreleased songs his widow is now sharing with the public.

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(Isaiah 40:9)

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