WATCH: Choosing Life After Murder Of Baby Daughter

Adele Biton, Screenshot (Boomerang's YouTube Weekly Terror Report 01:47)

In its weekly terror report, the activist group Boomerang — Fighting for Israel noted the 16 attacks last week — making a total of 316 attacks since the beginning of 2019.

Watch as the group then shares an in-depth visit with Adva Biton in which she discusses how she has dealt with the murder of her daughter, Adele. In March 2013, Adva and her three young daughters were returning to their home when Arab terrorists targeted the car with a barrage of rocks, causing it to crash into a truck.

Adele, two years old, was struck in the head and suffered severe brain trauma. Two years later, Adele died as a consequence of the attack. Stating that "good things can grow even out of evil," Adele's mother has found inspiration to add kindness to the world through the Adele Foundation, named after her daughter.

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