Close Encounters Of The "PC" Kind

Shopping at Machane Yehuda Market by Avi Deror [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia

While shopping in a downtown Jerusalem grocery I came across an interesting looking person. Being the open, curious person that I am, I said hello and asked where she was from — she said she was from India, as I had actually guessed. This was her first time visiting Israel and so we got to talking. I told her I was a tour guide and we discussed touring related things. Interestingly enough, she lived in my hometown for a while working as a journalist in Manhattan covering local news. How coincidental, I told her, noting that I too contribute to publications.

She has since moved back to India. I told her that I can certainly understand her wanting to be with family and old friends and in her native land. No, she said, she simply could not bear to live in America any longer. That certainly took me by surprise. I know that America is the dream of untold millions around the world, including plenty from India. What does she know that the masses of her countrymen in and outside the U.S. do not? She told me that the U.S. is a totally corrupt country. “Certainly compared to India,” I said tongue in cheek, to which she said “Yes, absolutely! India is far less corrupt than the U.S. today.” What did she mean? I was very curious to hear what she, who until this point struck me as an apparently intelligent person, meant. She said that U.S. President Donald Trump is the most corrupt person in the world, and that the U.S. is a thoroughly racist country whose justice and law enforcement continuously wage a racist war against blacks. Blacks, she said, were constant targets of police murder and are denied every civil right. Oy, I said to myself, another brainwashed self-proclaimed "progressive." I reminded her that far more blacks are killed by other blacks than are ever killed by law enforcement. I mentioned the out of control black on black murder situation in places like Chicago and Baltimore. At this point, she needed a "safe space" where she did not have to hear my “racist” talk. She walked away in a righteous huff denouncing me as a “racist.” Before she protected her ears from my vile words, I asked her about the famous endemic corruption in India. She simply denied that it existed — that was easy.

When I mentioned the ingrained caste system that favors lighter skinned Indians and according to which strata of Indians will not even touch the same food as others due to caste prejudice, she said it was a thing of the past and that I was just listening to hostile journalists. The country known for gang rapes on buses was also just stories passed on by hostile journalists. Life beyond hope amid abject poverty, alongside the unimaginable wealth of the well-connected, was also clearly my imagination. I told her the entire "Third World" is well known for its general corruption and denial of civil liberties. She angrily scolded me for using that "colonialist" term, concluding that I was a “racist.”

But what about the corruption in those places? Call those countries what you wish, their name is not important. However, for her the name was the issue.

When she returns to India she will literally need a very safe space when she informs the millions of her countrymen dreaming of America to remain in their land of opportunity, enlightenment, and incorruptibility. Why do these leftists hate America so? I have nothing against India. India is not the subject; the PC junkie and her type is. It is a phenomenon that we all hear and read about but do not often have an opportunity to meet. I met it face to face, and it was shocking. If this mindset was not so sad and potentially dangerous, it would be hilarious. But these people take themselves and their delusions very seriously, and that is scary. High on their list of "enemies of humanity" is little Israel — not North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, or China. Too many Israelis will not bow to their PC god, which infuriates them. They hate us for the same reasons they hate America; we are some of the last holdouts facing the PC juggernaut trying to destroy good wherever it finds it. I don't know why, I just know that it is real.

We in Israel and the U.S. belong to some of the pockets of resistance to the PC behemoth. There are still significant populations who refuse to call night day and day night, as the prophet said would happen in the end times, and it absolutely infuriates them! And this entire clash of civilizations began with a simple hello.

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