What's The Top Issue In The Upcoming Israeli Elections?

Illustration: Israel Elections Ballot Box by Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung [CC BY-SA 2.0] via Flickr

As Israel heads back to elections in September, we would do well to realize the importance of security.

With all the terror attacks happening in the country, the centrality of this issue should be lost on no one. Just ask a family that has lost loved ones.

For those living in the Holy Land, how do you feel when your daughter or son is out and comes home later than usual or as promised: Do you not look at the news to see if G-d forbid there was a terror attack?

Following terror attacks by the Jerusalem light rail, people went to work by car, bus, or went to another rail station that was safer, even though there was security placed at the targeted stations and on the train itself.

How about security on the roads and security in crowded places? Yes, we continue to go about our daily affairs, but the danger is always on our minds, especially when there are upticks in the number of attacks or horrific attacks in which children are kidnapped or raped.

Yes, there are other problems in Israel aside from security. People complain about their health plan, and the long wait for doctors and operations if you do not go privately. Likewise medications for special illnesses are too high for the working person. And I could go on; but in the end, with lots of effort most of these problems straighten out. Health plans are not perfect anywhere.

We also have a housing problem. Homes in the center of Tel Aviv or Jerusalem are high. But they also are in Manhattan. The solution is to live further out in Judea and Samaria or some town down south like Be'er Sheva or Ashkelon. Your job will take longer to get to, but so what? Personally I lived on Long Island and it took me more than an hour to get to work without rush hour traffic. Everything is doable — even changing jobs if necessary.

In education much, but not all, has to be straightened out. For this to happen, parents have to get involved, and not just complain. And there are ways to improve education.

Public transportation stopping on Shabbat is also frequently cited as a problem. If you are not observant and want to get to the beach or somewhere else on Shabbat, who is stopping you? You are free to drive your car, take a taxi, or find your own alternative transportation.

All of these other problems can be straightened out, but when a loved one is lost — it is all over. We live in our own country where our fate is in our own hands. In the coming elections, we need to have someone in the Knesset that has proven their main concern is security and is committed to achieving it.

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