Rav Kessin: How G-d Plans to Rescue the Jews Before the Redemption

Illustration: Bar Mitzvah [CC0 - Free for commercial use, DMCA] via pxfuel

Illustration: Bar Mitzvah [CC0 - Free for commercial use, DMCA] via pxfuel

In his remarkable shiur entitled The Rescue of the Jews Before the Redemption, Rabbi Mendel Kessin consolidates ideas from recent lectures and makes a powerful case for history’s trajectory moving rapidly toward global Redemption. After a brief introduction of the five phases of the Redemption, the rabbi focuses on hanhagat ha’yichud (the actions of the One), the particular aspect of G-d’s conduct in the world which can be termed “rescue.” He teaches that we are at this stage of the messianic process now.

Rabbi Kessin explains that the current state of the world feels like a type of “roller coaster — sometimes good, sometimes bad — and there is a tremendous amount of disheartening news.” The rabbi makes clear that his motive in further discussion of this subject is to offer chizuk (strength) to us so that we can withstand the ‘roller coaster ride.’

Foremost in explaining the state of the world right now is the principle of hanhagat ha’yichud (the actions of the Absolute One). The rabbi terms this the “rescue operation.” Through the actions of this “contingency plan,” the Jewish people are “guaranteed” to rectify this world, thereby assuring them of an eternal existence in the Future World.

This rescue plan entails two constituent “behaviors” of G-d, namely, those actions which provoke suffering so as to atone for guilt, and those which increase emuna (faith) and bitachon (trust) in Him. These bring about conditions in which people deserve to be redeemed. The rabbi brings examples from the Exodus from ancient Egypt as a template for this idea.

This comprehensive lecture covers a variety of fascinating topics including: the role of the current darkness caused by pandemic, social unrest, widespread corruption, tyranny, and the paralysis of the Israeli government, to bring the required atonement; the breakdown of sexual and moral standards; the reason why G-d is protecting America;

The rabbi’s insightful and sometimes controversial video concludes with a look at the particular indicators that show the Redemption is imminent and his prediction that U.S. President Trump will be reelected. Rabbi Kessin clarifies several clues which prophetically fit the end-of-time, including: G-d’s protection of Trump and of the United States; the Arab nations normalizing relations with Israel; the disruption of governance in Israel and the poor treatment of the religious; and others.

Touching on President Trump’s character traits which cause him to be berated for being “unpresidential” and “disgraceful,” Rabbi Kessin explains G-d’s use of a strategy known as shochad l’satan (bribing Satan). Satan argued that the Jews and Israel did not deserve redemption, yet G-d wanted a president that would benefit Israel to speed along the Redemption. Because G-d’s universe operates according to justice, a compromise was made that, although the president would help Israel, he would be seen by many to be “immature” and would be unable to accomplish many things.

None of these indicators are more potent than G-d’s promise that the Redemption will begin in the lands of the galut (exile). G-d states in the Torah: “Even if your outcasts are at the ends of the world, from there the LORD your G-d will gather you, from there He will fetch you. (Deut. 30:4).”

The ingathering, the Redemption, will begin in the exile itself. “The take-away,” says Rabbi Kessin, “is don’t despair. Don’t worry. It’s going to be incredible!”

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